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General Provisions

Applicability and Administration

General Elections

Circulation and Sufficiency of Certain Petitions

Major Political Parties

Minor Political Parties


Preelection Actions Challenging Candidates

Election Precincts

Election Boards

Regulation of Elections

Statewide Measures: Preparation of Arguments; Publication

Voters' Bill of Rights

Voters' Privileges


Voting Systems Generally

Voting at Polls

Voting at Polling Places Established as Vote Centers

Voting by Provisional Ballot

Absent Ballot Voting

Voting in Mailing Precincts

Early Voting by Personal Appearance

Returns and Canvass

Ties, Recounts and Contests

Locations Used for Polling Places

List of Registered Voters in Local Jurisdictions

Election Expenses

Miscellaneous Provisions

Voter Preregistration and Registration Generally; Registrars

Delivery of Rosters, Sample Ballots, and Other Information Before Elections

Voter Preregistration and Registration Through Department of Motor Vehicles

Voter Registration During Certain Periods Preceding and on Election Day

Statewide Voter Preregistration and Registration Systems and Databases

US-NV > Statutes > Statewide Voter Preregistration and Registration Systems and Databases

N.R.S. 293.675 - Establishment and maintenance of list; requirements pertaining to list; duties of county and city clerks; cooperative agreement with Department of Motor Vehicles; verification of information in conjunction with Social Security Administration; agreements with state agencies to obtain information necessary for list; information may be requested from or provided to chief election officers of other states

Unlawful Acts and Penalties

Election Security

Confidential and Personal Information of Certain Persons