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N.R.S. 293.405 - Costs of recount; commencement and completion of recount; limitation on additional recount

Overview of Statute

This section provides for the costs of the recount.


      1.  If the person who demanded the recount does not prevail, and it is found that the sum deposited was less than the cost of the recount, the person shall, upon demand, pay the deficiency to the county clerk, city clerk or Secretary of State, as the case may be. If the sum deposited is in excess of the cost, the excess must be refunded to the person.

      2.  If the person who demanded the recount prevails, the sum deposited with the Secretary of State, county clerk or city clerk must be refunded to the person and the cost of the recount must be paid as follows:

      (a) If the recount concerns an office or ballot question for which voting is not statewide, the cost must be borne by the county or city which conducted the recount.

      (b) If the recount concerns an office or ballot question for which voting is statewide, the clerk of each county shall submit a statement of its costs in the recount to the Secretary of State for review and approval. The Secretary of State shall submit the statements to the State Board of Examiners, which shall repay the allowable costs from the Reserve for Statutory Contingency Account to the respective counties.

      3.  Each recount must be commenced within 5 days after demand, and must be completed within 5 days after it is begun.

      4.  After the recount of a precinct is completed, that precinct must not be subject to another recount for the same office or ballot question at the same election.

      (Added to NRS by 1960, 263; A 1965, 1255; 1977, 237; 1981, 1700; 1987, 351; 1989, 1592; 1991, 1761; 2003, 1706)

Definition [County clerk]

Except as the term is used in NRS 293.393, whenever the term “county clerk” is used in this title it means “registrar of voters” in those counties where such office has been created pursuant to the provisions of NRS 244.164.

See Nev. Rev. Stat. § 293.044.

Definition [Clerk]

The election board officer designated or assigned to make the record of the election in the roster, tally list and challenge list in the precinct, district or polling place in which such officer is appointed.

See Nev. Rev. Stat. § 293.040.

Definition [State]

A state of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands or any territory or insular possession subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.

See Nev. Rev. Stat. § 293D.080.

Definition [Board]

As used in NRS 295.075 to 295.125, inclusive, unless the context otherwise requires, “board” means the board of county commissioners.

See Nev. Rev. Stat. § 295.075.

Definition [Ballot]

The record of a voter’s preference of candidates and questions voted upon at an election. The term includes, without limitation, any paper given to a voter upon which the voter places his or her vote and any electronic storage tapes.

See Nev. Rev. Stat. § 293.025.

Definition [Person]

1.  A natural person;

2.  Any form of business or social organization;

3.  Any nongovernmental legal entity, including, without limitation, a corporation, partnership, association, trust, unincorporated organization, labor union, committee for political action, political party and committee sponsored by a political party; or

4.  A government, governmental agency or political subdivision of a government.

See Nev. Rev. Stat. § 294A.009.

Definition [Precinct]

The smallest voting area in a political subdivision.

See Nev. Rev. Stat. §  293.077.

Regulations & Guidance

Administrative Regulations

  • Costs of recounts, NAC 293.375.