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Virginia > Title 24.2 Elections > General Provisions And Administration Article 1. Applicability; Definitions

§ 24.2-101.1 Implementation of certain laws; special elections


All laws enacted at a regular session of the General Assembly shall take effect as provided in § 1-214 except that the implementation of any change to this title shall not become effective for a special election held at a time other than a general election if the writ for the special election was issued prior to the effective date of the law.

2008, c. 366.

Definition [General election]

An election held in the Commonwealth on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November or on the first Tuesday in May for the purpose of filling offices regularly scheduled by law to be filled at those times.

See § 24.2-101.

Definition [Special election]

Any election that is held pursuant to law to fill a vacancy in office or to hold a referendum.

See § 24.2-101.

Definition [Election]

A general, primary, or special election.

See § 24.2-101.