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North Carolina > Elections And Election Laws > Conduct of Primaries and Elections (§ § 163-128 through 163-225) Article 12. Precincts and Voting Places (§ § 163-128 through 163-132)

§ 163-130.1. Out-of-precinct voting places.

Overview of Statute

Section authorizes the county board to establish a voting place for a precinct located outside that precinct, so long as the proposal demonstrates proper notice, no burden to voters of a certain class or affiliation, and meets all other requirements.


A county board of elections, by unanimous vote of all its members, may establish a voting place for a precinct that is located outside that precinct. The county board’s proposal is subject to approval by the Executive Director of the State Board. The county board shall submit its proposal in writing to the Executive Director. Approval by the Executive Director of the county’s proposed plan shall be conditioned upon the county board of elections’ demonstrating that:

(1) No facilities adequate to serve as a voting place are located in the precinct;

(2) Adequate notification and publicity are provided to notify voters in the precinct of the new polling location;

(3) The plan does not unfairly favor or disfavor voters with regard to race or party affiliation;

(4) The new voting place meets all requirements for voting places including accessibility for elderly and disabled voters; and

(5) The proposal provides adequately for security against fraud.

Any approval granted by the Executive Director for a voting place outside the precinct is effective only for one primary and election and must be reevaluated by the county board of elections and the Executive Director annually to determine whether it is still the only available alternative for that precinct.

(1999-426, s. 3(a); 2001-319, ss. 3(a), 11; 2017-6, s. 3; 2018-146, s. 3.1(a), (b).)

Definition [Voting place]

“Voting place” means the building or area of the building that contains the voting enclosure.

§ 163A-1095 (10). Definitions

Definition [board]

The term “board” means the State Board with respect to all candidates for State, legislative, and judicial offices and the county board of elections with respect to all candidates for county and municipal offices. The term means the State Board with respect to all statewide referenda and the county board of elections conducting all local referenda.

§ 163A-1411 (3). Definitions.





Definition [Board]

Board. – Any State board, commission, council, committee, task force,
authority, or similar public body, however denominated, created by statute or
executive order, as determined and designated by the State Board, except for
those public bodies that have only advisory authority.

§ 163A-152 (3). Definitions

Definition [State]

“State” means a state of the United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the United States Virgin Islands, or any territory or insular possession subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.

§ 163A-1336 (5). Definitions.

Definition [election]

The term “election” means any general or special election, a first or second primary, a run-off election, or an election to fill a vacancy. The term “election” shall not include any local or statewide referendum.

§ 163A-1411 (30). Definitions.

Definition [Election]

“Election” means the event in which voters cast votes in ballot items concerning proposals or candidates for office in this State or the United States. The term includes primaries, general elections, referenda, and special elections.

§ 163A-1095 (4). Definition