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N.R.S. 293B.375 – Duties of ballot duplicating board

Overview of Statute

This section provides the duties of the ballot duplication board.


The ballot duplicating board shall:

1.  Receive damaged ballots pursuant to NRS 293B.365, including ballots which have been torn, bent or mutilated.

2.  Prepare on a distinctly colored, serially numbered ballot marked “duplicate” an exact copy of each damaged ballot.

3.  Record the serial number of the duplicate ballot on the damaged original ballot and return the damaged and duplicate ballots to the appropriate ballot inspection board.

4.  Hold aside the duplicated ballots for counting after all other ballots are counted if this procedure is directed by the county clerk.

(Added to NRS by 1975, 1529; A 1981, 17021985, 11071995, 27912001, 20342007, 11692609)

Definition [County clerk]

Except as the term is used in NRS 293.393, whenever the term “county clerk” is used in this title it means “registrar of voters” in those counties where such office has been created pursuant to the provisions of NRS 244.164.

See Nev. Rev. Stat. § 293.044.

Definition [Clerk]

The election board officer designated or assigned to make the record of the election in the roster, tally list and challenge list in the precinct, district or polling place in which such officer is appointed.

See Nev. Rev. Stat. § 293.040.

Definition [Board]

As used in NRS 295.075 to 295.125, inclusive, unless the context otherwise requires, “board” means the board of county commissioners.

See Nev. Rev. Stat. § 295.075.

Definition [Ballot]

The record of a voter’s preference of candidates and questions voted upon at an election. The term includes, without limitation, any paper given to a voter upon which the voter places his or her vote and any electronic storage tapes.

See Nev. Rev. Stat. § 293.025.