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§ 101.24 Ballot boxes and ballots.


The supervisor of elections shall prepare for each polling place one ballot box of sufficient size to contain all the ballots of the particular precinct, and the ballot box shall be plainly marked with the name of the precinct for which it is intended. An additional ballot box, if necessary, may be supplied to any precinct. Before each election, the supervisor shall place in the ballot box or ballot transfer container as many ballots as are required in s. 101.21. After securely sealing the ballot box or ballot transfer container, the supervisor shall send the ballot box or ballot transfer container to the clerk or inspector of election of the precinct in which it is to be used. The clerk or inspector shall be placed under oath or affirmation to perform his or her duties faithfully and without favor or prejudice to any political party.


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Definition [Polling Place]

The building which contains the polling room where ballots are cast. Fla. Stat. § 97.021(27).

Definition [Ballot]

As used in the Electronic Voting Systems Act, ballot means the card, tape, or other vehicle upon which the elector’s choices are recorded. Fla. Stat. § 101.5603(2).

Definition [Election]

Any primary election, special primary election, special election, general election, or presidential preference primary election. Fla. Stat. § 97.021(12).