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§ 100.271 Inspectors, clerk, duties; return and canvass of referendum recorded.


In any bond referendum, unless the referendum is held in connection with a regular or special state, county, or municipal election, at least two inspectors and one clerk shall be appointed and qualified, as in cases of general elections, and they shall canvass the vote cast and make due returns of same without delay. Any bond referendum held in a municipality shall be returned to and canvassed by the governing authority which called the referendum, but in any county or district the returns shall be made to the board of county commissioners. The board of county commissioners or, in the case of a municipality, the governing authority thereof, shall canvass the returns and declare the result and have same recorded in the minutes of the board of county commissioners, or, in the case of a district, the certificate of declaration of result shall be recorded in the minutes of the governing authority of such district, or, in the case of a municipality, the result shall be recorded in the minutes of the governing authority of the municipality. If any bond referendum is held in conjunction with any other election, however, the officials responsible for the canvass of such election shall also canvass the returns of the referendum and certify the same to the proper governing body.


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Definition [Governing Body]

As used in ss. 101.292-101.295, “governing body” means the board of county commissioners of a county or any other governing body empowered by general or special act or local ordinance to purchase or sell voting equipment. Fla. Stat. § 101.292(1).

Definition [General Election]

An election held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in the even-numbered years, for the purpose of filling national, state, county, and district offices and for voting on constitutional amendments not otherwise provided for by law. Fla. Stat. § 97.021(16).

Definition [Election]

Any primary election, special primary election, special election, general election, or presidential preference primary election. Fla. Stat. § 97.021(12).